Saturday, October 17, 2009

Who Likes A Pink Ork

No this is not a spoof post! I really did paint an ork pink. I did it for good reasons though. I am rather spooked about starting my voystroyan army, or my death corps unit, so I am trying things out on some old ork models bought way back in the rt days. Every so often on of these weird test miniatures earns a finished paint job. This is rare, very very rare though, as most of them end up as unrecognizable paint slag waiting for simple green to clean them off and prepare them for more painting abuse. On the pink ork you should be able to see three different washes applied to the skin. Dev Mud was applied to the face, sepia to the arm on the left, and purple to the one on the right. If I paint up any psykers I know I will choose the purple wash now. If I need grizzled vets I will choose mud. For female models or those away from the battlefield dirt I will use the sepia. With some blending I can really see these three washes working out for me. The two other orks are just tests of red, bronze, and a few types of brown. I had planned the voystroyans to be red so they fit in well with the grey knights, but maybe a brilliant blue would be a better choice.....well got to go paint some orks blue now!


  1. It's always good to test things before commiting expensive models to the unknown.

    Have you tried the Ogryn Flesh wash? I use it for my fleshy needs and think it works quite well.

  2. I should have made that part of the post as well. I've used it several times, but have not had many faces to paint recently. Sometimes I have the dev mud already out and I just let efficiency rule over efficacy.