Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve Forgeworld

My wife and I are at my parents condo in an undisclosed place in the northeast. After returning from the requisite haircut at the mall, I noticed a stack of boxes in the hallway enterance. While looking for the 96 gigs of ram I ordered, I spotted a lovely little package from fw. How on earth did fw get a package to my parents place in time for christmas?

So now I have a wonderful new problem. A resing forgworld model, and no way to build it! I supposed it evens out in the end.

Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

My Wife And I Are Playing 40k: Weird

My wife wanted to try the game and we are playing. The game is a simple annihilation game with her as Blood Angels pitted against a Chaos war-band led by Typhus. The battlefield is strewn with abandoned imperial guard tanks with a ruined imperial temple in the center. Her entire force is left, while mine consists of a single unit of 5 lessor demons and Typhus leading three terminators. It is rather surreal playing a game of 40k against her.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ultramarines Movie Review: It is terrible!

My copy of the Ultramarines DVD came in yesterday, and I promptly watched it as all fans of the genre are likely to do. The short answer is that this is a flat out terrible movie. The story is bland, the animation terrible, and the direction simply unbelievable. The marines move like toys, behave like amateur soldiers, and apparently allow enlisted to challenge officers orders. My wife offered to watch the movie with me, but had to go to an event. I thought the chance to share my hobby with her was such a cool opportunity. However after watching the movie, I will not sit through it again. I would not show this movie to anyone. It is such a shame since they have a normally good writer, and an excellent voice cast. Send this movie to /dev/null and forget about it!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Tau Battle Suits

Since Tau can't function I thought I should add some highly weathered battle suits to my force. They match the color scheme for my veteran fire warriors (the ones that protect Etherial Jones). They started out with a careful air brushing of blues, creating a shaded effect. I then proceeded to spray on sepia wash to give them the aqua color you see here. I have a lot of additional weathering to do, in addition to decals. I am thinking about adding rust to the metal plates as well as going back and adding some edge highlighting. Basically my Tau force look like they have been through hell, so these guys will fit in nicely if I keep weathering them till they are right.

My real camera takes much better photos than my iphone, but at the moment I am having a little painters block, so I am keeping away from the big camera setup and focussing on finishing minis.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Oath Of Moment

I don't normally review books, audio or otherwise on this blog, but today is an exception. Garro Oath of Moment is a fantastic audio book, well worth buying. The sound effects are a bit much, but the story is great, and it finally answers one of the great 40k questions. The script written by Tob Longworth and James Swallow is great. I know Swallow gets a lot of grief from the BA fan boy club, but just like his fantastic Flight of the Eisenstein, this is definitely worth buying. The authors did an outstanding job.