Monday, October 19, 2009

Rogue Trader Era Imperial Guard

I needed a few miniatures to test paint, so I dug around in my 15+ year old bits box and found these minis. I have no idea what the orange guy is supposed to be, but I painted him up in a star wars suit to see how orange took the dev mud wash. I have never been good at fabric, so the guy with a cloak was an attempt to see what I could do. These are not well painted minis. I think I may have learned a little by painting them. Hopefully I did, since that was the point. The question is what to do with all of these guys now. I already have randomly painted orcs that I used for testing!


  1. Kill team!

    These look great. I remember that guy in black from way back when.

  2. I've only ever seen those models in old GW publications, but seeing them really takes me back to my 2nd edition days.

  3. Some very nice painting. I love the colours you used on the guy in Black, very sinister.