Friday, May 12, 2017

Ogre Goblin Bust WIP 2

This is my first time using transparent paints, and despite some initial success, I managed to un-green the goblin. The original green was a couple of layers of badger ghost tint green. After putting those layers down, I used badger thinner to clean my airbrush. I then added a blue tint using GW air. The badger thinner melted the green layer down, which then ran into the crevices. So lesson learned. I guess I should figure out what to do next. Do I start the goblin over? Do I discreetly push the model into some less visible part of my desk and ignore it? The more I look at the sculpt the less I like how chunky the giant is. Maybe I should just gore and mud platter this and call it done.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Ogre Goblin Bust WIP 1

Next time I need a quick model to paint after a long slog, I won't pick a bust! Next time, I'll pick a space marine, or IG, or something simple. Nonetheless, I like how the colors are starting to show. I'm trying to mix blues and purples into the model in order to play off the orange ogre, and green goblin. I think I have a few more hours to go on the goblin flesh before I know if I am on to something.