Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Weathering Rhino Tracks With Powers

So I decided to try weathering some extra rhino tracks using the following steps:

1) paint on dry powder
2) heavily douse with thinner
3) wait
4) take a pencil and highlight the treads

I am really not sure I like this method more than just dusting the model and wiping off the excess dust. The tracks did dry a little nicer looking than they were when wet. They are definitely an improvement to some of my older vehicles, but I am not sure making all my vehicles look like scavenged derelicts is a good thing.

*EDIT I added a photo of a second track link where I used the ash color, and then dabbled in a little bit of the rust. I think the second one might be the keep. The photo is very large so you can see the texture better.

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