Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Oil Dot Color Modulation

I've wanted to dive deep into other painting styles for a while, so I decided to experiment with oil dot color modulation. Both of these tanks were painted to test the technique. The Ferdinand, green camouflage, was painted first copying another painter's style. The Tiger tank was painted more in line with how I normally paint, and then received oil dots on top of it. In person the Ferdinand looks more realistic, but the Tiger makes a better 2' impression. These images are much larger than the actual models, but that was needed so I could share the surface texture change.

The basics of the technique are to paint the model, then add several other oil colors in a polkadot pattern all over the surface of the tank. The oil dots are then blended into the surface using a soft brush, slightly changing the color of the surface. This is basically a distributed multi-color filter that can be wiped off.

I think this was an interesting experiment, and rather than grab more models from my 1/72 scale tank bin to experiment further, I think I should jump right in to trying it out on a large 28mm 40k model of some type.

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Lord Solar Macharius In Front of a Macharius

 After 11 hours of driving, I returned home and needed something to help me relax. I selected an ancient GW model of the Solar Macharius and painted casually. My goal was to make this effortless. I just randomly attacked the model with very little concern for quality. I enjoyed every minute. While the model isn't painted to a very high standard, I'm still really happy with it. It is a slightly awkward pose, but I think it worked out. Much like the tank behind him, sometimes I just paint for the act of painting and not for the end product.