Sunday, February 28, 2021

Restarting The Hobby


It has been many months, a 3000 mile move, and a lot of pandemic isolation, but I've finally started unpacking my miniatures and tip toeing into the hobby again. At this point I've unpacked hundreds of models, assembled the cabinets, and begun the long process of repairing what was damaged over many months in storage. So far things have arrive in pretty good shape. The most damage occurred due to the extreme heat here in Arizona and forgeword resin warping. Given our new desert environment, I had to grab some of my old bases and give them a try on these guys. I really like how this sets them off. Mymeara are traditionally on snow bases due to their fantastic artwork, but I think I'll stick with these. It was a nice way to dabble in the hobby while busy with home renovation. 

and now this.....

The appalling behavior of many Americans in the wargaming community soured the hobby for me. The parroting of election falsehoods, racism, and pure unadulterated fascism on display have been eye opening. I won't game with a Trump supporter. I won't attend an event run by a Trump supporter. They have had far too much time to grok the evil that man perpetrated with the aid of most Republicans. 

I don't know when it will be safe for people to game again, and I find it appalling that people are hosting tournaments here in the US, but when that time comes, at least I'll know who not to game with. In the mean time, let's try to keep our parents, grand parents, and vulnerable alive.

To everyone who takes the pandemic seriously now, I salute you. Hunker down and bide your time. By doing that we save lives. Patriotism, isn't a uniform or flag cape. It is sacrificing so other's might live.  

Saturday, May 2, 2020

Eldar Cobra Type II WIP 2

Endless gem work continues......much like this necessary lock down. The plan was to add buff colored rain marks to these hulls using oil. We'll have to wait and see if I can bring myself to do it. That step is still a ways off though, as I need to finish the rest of the models before I tackle basing and weathering.

Thursday, April 30, 2020

There's a Cobra On My Desk!

Gem work...more gem work. I decided to sort of rough in the gems quickly in order to make them stand out from the model. This will help me as I smooth out the blends because...I should be able to spot them. The gun barrel will get gems as well. I just couldn't bring myself to start it at the same time as the main body.

I think this is looking cool. I need to find a place to store this army. Having it sitting on my desk for weeks on end is beginning to drag on me. I think that might amplify the weird loss of time that comes with stay at home orders. I barely know what day it is anymore. I hope everyone is holding up well enough.

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Ebay Salvage Model Craftworld Mymeara Lnyx WIP

This model came to me 'expertly painted'. Naturally, I dunked it in simple green and scrubbed off all the offending paint and glue. The transparent canopy provided some difficulty though. It was painted over and had loads of super glue all over the inside. Fortunately, I think this old Forgeworld model is saved. There are still a lot of parts unpainted on it, but it is getting there, and I'm happy to have this super heavy titan killer flying again.

Friday, April 17, 2020

Craftworld Mymeara Eldar Hornet WIP

This has to be one of Forgeworld's best models. It really nails what I think the eldar aesthetic is. This is just a WIP. I went a little more vibrant on this guy by accident, but I am liking the result. At some point I will spend an entire day highlighting the bottom of paint chips, but not today.

Friday, April 10, 2020

Still Painting Gems

The great gem painting fest continues. While these guys are still not finished, at least they have a first pass at painting gems. It may be time to switch it up and put the angry orange gems on the white weapon areas for a while. Or maybe I should finish working with the enamels. No matter what I decide to do, I'm still really excited about this force. I even managed to snag two cool forgeworld models off of eBay to augment it. One of those is soaking a bath of Simple Green at this very moment. The other little 'gem' of  model is primed and waiting. Normally I would like to finish a model before moving onto another one, but I think I need to paint the newest edition. So that is next. Stay tuned.

Sunday, April 5, 2020

Craftworld Mymerar Fire Prism: Or How I Learned to Love Painting Gems

There are so many gems on these models. At least I thin I have my final gem cocktail recipe done. I can now paint these relatively quickly, which is a vast improvement in the earlier gems. So, do I go back and repainted all the previous ones.....Hell no! Embrace change.

Saturday, April 4, 2020

Mymeara War Walker WIP

I'm really enjoying this army build, but the speed at which I am pumping out WIP models without completing them is getting out of control. There are just so many gems and chip highlighting to do. Still, I love this little guy.