Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Crushed Glass Snow Effect on Winter War Germans

To give these guys a proper winter war effect, I grabbed some SWM crushed glass, which was last used years ago on a NOVA Open charity model. I mixed it with water effects, and tried to dab it onto the bases as realistically as I could. One thing the snow does, is make it hard to see the miniature on top. I'm wondering if maybe I need to add more snow and just cover up all the leaves and rocks I added during the first basing step. These guys looks like a total mess from three feet, but rather nice up close. That is an effect I am not too keen on. It is one of the reasons I rarely paint camouflage. When camo works, it ruins the model.

So, where are we with the army? I have one more squad to add snow to, and I then I need to decide what to do with the remaining vehicles. I love how they look pre white washing, so it is hard to jump in and cover all that careful work up with sloppy white.

Does anyone else field winter armies?

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Another Winter White Wash Snow Camo Attempt

I wasn't thrill with my first attempt, so I air brushed on some more white wash, and set about chipping the paint. I followed up with winter streaking grime from AK-Interactive, and a lot of mud. I haven't added crushed glass to the model yet, but that will stand in for snow mixed in with the mud on the road wheels. This looks better, but is definitely outside my wheelhouse. How does this attempt stack up to the last one?

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Experimenting With Washable White Winter Camo

I'm in the process of painting a winter war german force, and figured it was time to experiment with Mig's washable white camo. I decided to grab an old panther from the shelf and test it out. After a few minutes scrubbing the white off with a wet brush, here is the result. I'm not sure about it. It doesn't resonate with me. Do I need to remove more of the white? Where am I going wrong?