Thursday, September 27, 2018

Ultramarines Banner WIP

I've had this metal miniature for ages, and while I may not have enjoyed painting it when I first bought it, It is quite enjoyable now. I think the trick has been to have no expectations. This miniature is being painted in the same carefree way as the rest of the squad, and I think these early photos are starting to show the advantages of that. Like before, this guy was airbrushed and then wet-blended and glazed. I'm looking forward to having the united completed so I can see it all together and compare my regular style to it.

Friday, September 14, 2018

On The Painting Table: Calgar & Honor Guard

More old metal models receive paint! These were put away at least a decade ago before I finally decided to paint them this week. I'm painting really loosely here, blocking in color, partially finishing an area, and then arbitrarily moving to other more interesting areas to paint. I think they are turning out well, despite this ad-hoc approach.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Tyrannic War Vets Completed

I had fun with these. The enamels did not work as expected, turning grainy on me, but I think that was a case of grabbing the wrong thinner. The fuzziness comes from AK-Interactive ultra-matte, which I failed to thin down enough. All problems aside, these tiny miniatures are a lot of fun to look at. I'm happy they will be joining my Oldhammer force.

Monday, September 10, 2018

WIP Old School Tyrannid Hunters

Painting the original whirlwind and razorback gave me an itch to paint more old models from my collection. What you see here are three metal veterans, and four metal Ultramarine tyrannic war veterans. I love how characterful these old models are. However, they are absurdly small compared to Primaris marines. I'm not sure a force would look reasonable with both types of model. Anyone else on an old-hammer kick?

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Old School Whirlwind & Razorback

After a wonderful NOVA Open, I needed a painting break. So, I did what many long time collectors do. I dug down to the lowest, dustiest, most forlorn part of my collection and pulled out some janky old models. I never had these when new, but I managed to cobble them together after a few years of convention bits collecting. As damaged as these were, I knew they needed to be weathered heavily. So with the freedom that comes from painting purely for the experience, I set to work and painted these over an evening. I'm happy with them. I think they can stand with any of the modern kids. (provided you don't look to closely for gaps!)