Thursday, June 27, 2013

Armies On Parade Springfield VA

SITREP: Jet lagged but competing.

I've decided to enter the Armies on Parade competition on Saturday at the Springfield VA store. I had previously decided to bow out after a fire erased my company, and the disaster recovery work overcame every waking hour. On the other hand, I need an escape from fire related tasks.

My trip to nottingham last weekend sealed the deal. I really have to get this army out of the cabinet and into the light of day. It is not going to be my all biker army with Tallarn allies riding mumaks and horses, but I think it looks pretty good. It is kind of interesting seeing the different styles of painting in the force. Some of these models were painted more than two years ago. If you recall, GW changed its paint range immediately after I had painted the first units.

What you see here are all of the contender unites on the display board. I am still torn about the lack of tallarn. Should I find a way to fit in one squad of them with a couple heavy weapon support teams? I was counting on the yellows, greens, and pale blue whites to contrast with the vibrant blue. Alternately I could just go with the all blue force. If I do that I need to paint some more white checkers on my older units to tie them into the new aesthetic.

Regardless of the choice, on of my purposes of this board was to showcase some of the older models, so for ultras those would be two types of predators and the original rhino. The tallarn are all old!

What do you think? Do I stand a chance with this hybrid army, so of which was painted for show, and some that was just painted because it was within arms reach of me when I had blue in my air brush.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Warhammer World

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Location:Willow Road,Nottingham,United Kingdom

Monday, June 10, 2013

Tallarn Rough Riders

I took a break from disaster recovery of my office for a few hours on Saturday in order to finish a couple of Tallarn. I rushed these, but I just wanted to see them based.  I tried thinning badab black with rubbing alcohol, but the results were pretty weird. I am happy with these guys. They provide a dirty yellow contrast to my smooth shaded blue ultramarines. The color combination looks good to me.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

That Was My Office

I almost never post non-40k things on my blog. It has always been an outlet of pure hobby for me. While preparing to leave work and go home to work on my Armies on Parade entry an employee notices smoke coming in from the hallway. A fire that started in the alley between the large building on the left (ours) and the house on the right climbed up the walls and engulfed our building. I was painting so furiously because I had three major sales trips starting monday. We've worked for 10 years to get to this point, to have these very special meetings overseas. And now we have nothing to show. I always knew there was a risk in having a single facility, but as a boutique software developer, sometimes I had to choose between having something to show, or having high availability. I have not processed everything yet.

There are now so many tasks in order to get new office space up and running. I am overwhelmed.

I have nowhere to go to work tomorrow. Those screenshots I decided not to take today because we were close to fixing a few visual bugs in the GUI are not possible now.

As the guy in charge at the office I have to maintain focus and calm tomorrow morning. I don't want to panic, but I am not ready to go into cool and calculating mode.  I am between feelings.

Sorry for the rant.

This sucks.

Tallarn Rough Riders WIP

I was dreading painting the old plastic horses, due to the lack of detail, but also due to my unfamiliarity with horses. A few google searches later and some feedback from my wife, and I have painted horses that exceeded my expectations. Tonight I plan to finish all of the barding and the lances, which should make it possible to base the unit. I plan to use biker bases like those I used on squads. I hope that is allowable game-wise. I just can't bring myself to use squared bases on 40k. 

I really need to keep the painting temp up for Armies on parade. I only have a few days before traveling overseas and a few days once I return before the competition.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Tallarn Heavy Weapon Teams

Final blending on the soldiers is not complete, but I really wanted to base them. So I did. I found a pack of forgeworld IG stowage, which I'll add to the bases to fill in some of the blank spots. I think that will spice these up quite a bit, as well as let me get some more green on the models.  In the Armies on Parade pictures you'll see how well the yellow complements the blue of the Ultramarines.  I'll have to select only a few of these guys to join the force, since the bases take up so much room.

I had been worried that with only two base styles that the force would look too uniform, but I think all of the extra rubble customizes the bases enough to overcome this.


Do paint a tank today, or do I paint rough riders or Mumaks? I managed to pick up a Malcador on ebay, but I could paint a chimera instead . (or a pair of egg shaped sentinels...forgot about those)