Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Weathering Techniques Experiements

I learned a few things about acrylic paint thinner this morning.(yes I know just before going to work is not a good time to model) If I use it on extremely smooth surfaces it has almost no water tension and it just flows everywhere. It is pretty hard to get it to stay where I want it to. I am going to switch back to using water as my thinner for rust areas, and use the acrylic thinner for things like oil stains. I am almost ready to weather all of my IG tanks, using the photos above (except the muddy test--too much FW powder!) I've got to thank Santa Cruz Warhammer for prodding me along! He has an excellent series of weathering examples using the master model book from forge world. I am using slightly different techniques, but mostly because I do not have the patience for salt dips. I am beginning to think that I should paint up a space marine as cleanly as possible, and then apply the paint chipping and dusting techniques I've learned to his legs and shoulder armor.


  1. They look great. What brand of acrylic thinner are you using?

  2. I am using tamiya acrylic thinner, X-20A.

    I am still brainstorming how to use the effect. I think maybe a purple wash would look like oil.