Sunday, April 28, 2013

Legion Outrider Squad

I thought I'd share a quick peak at my WIP legion Outrider squad. The weathering and dusting on the tires is not done, but since I've not seen anyone else paint these particular models up I thought I would share.

After painting the marines themselves, it makes me never want to paint plastic again. The edges are just so sharp these were a joy to paint.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Emperors Children Color Test

I had a bad day at work. Usually that means I am not in a very good mood when I get home, and I can't enter the kind of painting zen necessary for painting to be fun. Knowing this, I decided to grab an old twice painted miniature and just test out a potential purple color scheme for my ECS. Why not do the low stress version of painting. I know that if I tried a color test on one of my forgeworld moldels I would have been worried about the outcome.

On this mini everything besides the purple was splashed on, just to see how it would contrast color wise. I didn't even bother to paint the storm shield, and the thunder hammer is just washed boltgun metal. I think the miniature served its purpose though. I think I need my ECS to start with more of a blacker navy blue base.

What do you think? Keep experimenting with purple, push the highlights, or accept this as is?

Monday, April 22, 2013

Two Thirds of Dreadnought Talon Complete

After a month away from home, I finally got the chance to do some painting this weekend. I now have enough painted and magnetized arms to configure my two Contemptor dreads as needed. I really just needed something easy to paint, so I knocked out the weapons as a way to get myself used to painting again. I really think the blues will go nicely with my Sons of Horus and Emperors Children. I'd like them to look like they are fighting as part of the same campaign.

As great as it is to be  home, I just found out I have to travel overseas again for another two weeks. (immediately after a family vacation!) The next two weeks may be the only time for me to paint, so I think I am going to focus on Ultramarines. Perhaps I should finally finish that LS Storm.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Warhammer World

Longest business trip ever! But on a day off I got to head up to warhammer world. Lucky for me Allan Bligh was in Bugman's bar. Unlucky for me work called and by the time we were done Allan had left. Still it is such a great experience. I heard all kinds if awesome rumors 'ahem' for fw products. I was told by a chap painting up 100 heresy era ultramarine terminators that emperors children are getting a beautiful squad with do much detail he had to buy them. Ultras are getting some great lolling minis as well.

Allan, if you ever stumble on this blog, I'd love to play a narrative game with you. I'll even bring my force across the pond.

Location:Charing Cross,London,United Kingdom