Saturday, July 28, 2012

Games Day Chicago: Forgeworld doing heresy codexes (updated live)

How cool is it to be sitting in a bar having 40k conversations?
Very cool.
Extremely Cool.
Can't use my words it is so cool.
Community is the best thing about games day. Having the opportunity to sit a bar and strike up conversations you know the whole group is interested in is an absolute blast. Learning about a new player's blood agle force, or geeking out about forge world, it is just a fun way to connect with our community.
I may post throughout the day. I might be having too much fun to post. (did I mention adb is here? Sheer coolness.)

Ok, why is the fact forgeworld is doing heresy codexes, primarchs and other minis not of bell of lost souls. I expect more from them.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Games Day Chicago

My wife and I are heading to Chicago this morning as part of a Games Day mini vacation. Who else is going?

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Stormtalon Weathering

Paint chipped, and weathered, these storm talons are only missing testers dull coat to seal the decals before I start working on the bases. One of the details I like is that each pilot has a different stripe on their helmet. In sort of homage to star wars, I used red, orange, and purple.

While pondering cleaning my desk, I put together the bane that is the thunder fire cannon. I love the model, but mine came with so many finecast flaws it was no fun at all to put together. Now given that all I did was put a model together, I don't think I broke my oath to clean my workspace before painting anything new, so there is still a chance I break down and start cleaning. (such a pain because my paint pots are covered in air brush paint dust, so they have to individually cleaned as well)

Monday, July 16, 2012

Stormtalon Progress

Slow but steady wins the race! I've got two more Stormtalons ready for transfers, along with all three pilots. I am really looking forward to putting ultramarine icons on the left red shoulder pads of these guys. I might be because I never see the U on a red background.  I plan to take some nicer photos when these guys are weathered up and ready for the table. I think that probably means i have to build scenic bases.

This brings up the question. Should I start basing all of my miniatures on similar bases? With the allies rule, I can now mix and match pieces from my favorite armies for games or tournaments, but unfortunately my bases are usually only consistent across a single army. The allies change is just fantastic, especially for army painters like me. Now I can design a force that explicitly includes allies and end up with a more interesting narrative. I had planned to base my tallarn similarly to my Ultras, but now I think I will go for even tighter integration.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Trio of Stormtalona WIP 2

Back from vacation, so I was able to spend some time on my Stormtalons. I am really pleased how these guys are turning out. I am trying to get the two talons on the left up to the same level of completeness as the one on the right before I do any additional work. An accent color is definitely needed, which means I will need to mask an area and spray on stripes or something. I broke down and bought a Stormeagle from FW, so I'll have that to paint up to go along with these guys.

I need to clean my painting area. It is horrible. It is a mess. I get pigments and paints all over me as I work on it. I actually spilled a pot of ultramarines blue (you know regal blue) on the floor because I was working in such a cramped space. I just can't bring myself to clean the desk. (the floor is covered in models as well) I feel like one of those crazy people from those reality tv series who hoard crap.

With that said. I have instituted rule #1

1) After these three are complete, my entire work area must be cleaned before a single model gets touched.

What do you think, can I keep to the goal?

Sunday, July 1, 2012

A Trio of Talons

After bailing on Armies on Parade, I decided to put together my remaining two Stormtalons. The thing is, it turns out that I put my original Stormtalon together wrong. I wish I could say I did this on purpose, but it was totally accidental. I put the birds together they way it seemed like they should go. (note to self, read directions twice the first time around!) In the official version,  the wings are supposed to be flipped around, so the flat edge faces forward. I just can't decide if want to pull these three apart and fix the error. I think the Stormtalon would look more futuristic if I put it together as intended, however my accidental version makes it look a little bit like a stubby bomber, which is also kind of nice.

I could use some help!