Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Imperial Guard Regiment

I've posted quite a few tanks, but have not put up many of my actual guardsmen. Since I have been experimenting with light boxes today I ended up with a bunch of units photographed. The older minis were all part of my grey with white stripes guard army that had selected models simple greened. The rest are part of a box set that bought as part of a painting competition. The guardsmen are dirt simple to paint, and I think they look pretty good next to the chimera. I have never fielded this force, but keep meaning to.

I had to toss in a shot of the AoBR Orcs. I love those models. I may paint up another batch in some bad moon colors just because.


  1. They look great - are you using a dip or just a heavy wash - the Orks are tops too - I love the AoBR kit.

  2. For the guard I use very thin foundation paints so the white primer shows up on all of the raised areas, then I use paint the rest of the details and follow them with a wash of dev mud. It takes very little time to paint them this way if they are the regular troopers and have no additional bits or transfers. One the initial model is done I spend as much time as I like adding stuff like grenades or backpacks or whatever.

    The orcs are similar, though the metal was all shaded before dev mud covered most of the body. The faces start out gretchin green and then are dry brushed with yellow prior to washing with thrakka.

  3. I particularly like the IG command squad and the Orks.

    The technique seems so simple and yields excellent results. I think I may be using the wrong colour primer on my models.

  4. The problem with white primer is that it is really hard not to botch the prime job. White is working out really well for me, especially with extremely watered down paints that almost act like washes. I am trying out an airbrush tonight that might allow me to use less runny paints. I will let you know how it goes.

  5. just tried a base coat with a real air brush. It works for tanks and things, but it will not work as a fast way to do my very thin paint + white primer followed by wash method. The airbrush creates a perfectly even coat, that does away with all the gradients the paint wash produces. It is fabulous for things like flat surfaces though. I am definitely going to paint up my land raider and rhine using it.