Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Warhound Now With Weapons

The end is in sight! I still have a lot to paint on the warhound, but enough of the model is now put together that I would not feel embarrassed fielding it in a game. It is coming close to the time when she will have to walk. (walk is the term for military planetfall for titans)

Now the bad news is that I glued some of the hose ports on the wrong gun, so I need to do some prying re-glueing and re-painting. Then the crew will see some paint. I also have to either cast a replacement shoulder cap, or build one, to replace the one I lost. Those will cover the shoulder ball joints which you can see on the photo.

There are ample opportunities for weathering, but I am going to wait until I figure out the decal/freehand situation. The Ledio Astorum have a morning star for their symbol, and I need to work that in somehow. I may try to print my own decals, and use them as templates, but who knows.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Warhound: Part 45345454345

 I love GW Tin Bitz. I am down to my last two pots. This makes me sad. Not as bad as being down to my last Bolt Gun Metal pot, but sad just the same.

On the other hand, despite running out of two old range paints, I am really pleased with how the metal portions are coming on the model. They still need highlighting and washes, but I think vents are starting to look cool. Overall, the warhound is really starting to shape up. I am undecided if I should spray a matte varnish on this guy. She already has a coat of Purity Seal, which was necessary for the oil washes. Decals and Oil washes are still to come, so she'll be shiny for a bit longer.

So how about a real name for this beast?

Monday, September 16, 2013

She Walks: Tempestuous B****

Today I decided it would be good to finally make this titan walk. Enough of the interior was finally complete enough for glueing, out came the dastardly sticky stuff. Let me introduce Tempestuous B**** of Legio Astorum. A new name will follow I assure you, but that was the name I gave her when the green and white striped right shoulder came apart and landed in my lap, coating my right leg in super glue.

Modeling Rule #239: Wear pants when modeling.

This is not the most dynamic pose, but with the legs pre-glued there was not a whole lot I could do. Perhaps this Warhound stands duty guarding the Ultramarines gene-stores. That is plausible enough.

Sunday, September 15, 2013


Very little painting has been accomplished. However I did manage to do all kinds of weird damage to my titan's interior using AK-Interactive's interior acrylic paint. I air brushed it on, and somehow it produced all kinds of furry threads all over the interior.  I scraped off all those I found, and I have just resprayed some bone white over the weirdest furry patches. In the end most of this stuff can't be seen really well, so I am not inclined to simple green this guys. I think it will turn out ok any way.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

NOVA Recap

The NOVA open was a blast. I met a lot of new friends, and had the opportunity to reconnect with old ones. Very little sleep was had.

Rather than play in the GT, my Ultramarines supported humanity against the virtue in the narrative event. Despite failing at nearly every battlefield encounter, they managed to win best painted for me.

The Narrative event itself was loads of fun. For years to come I suspect, Supreme Allied Commander of Humanity Owen, SACOH, will wonder if perhaps a few of his field commanders were Virtue double agents. He should probably just blame it on the Space Marine Scout Bikers like everyone else. There will be more scouts next year. Clearly what I did wrong was fail to bring enough of them.

The painting competition was very difficult this year, which is great news for the NOVA. One of my entries, the EC Dreadnought, earned me a bronze. I am very pleased about that.  Winning two painting awards is really special. I've been upping my painting quality slowly over time, but the forcing function of the competition made me spend more time than I normally would on both of those models. I intend to paint the rest of my EC's up to that quality or higher, so hopefully I am ready with a heresy list for NOVA 2014. I am also planning to submit multiple entries next year into fantasy, 40k, and Historic. I may paint a version of me 'from last week' for the historic category and see how it does. The model would be me holding a scale model of me. It would be fun to wear the 'me from last week' outfit when I hand in the entry as well. It is bordering on performance art, but I like the meta aware quality the piece would have.

The only thing I want to add to NOVA is a fully stocked painting room. I think it would be a blast to while away the days painting mini's while waiting for the narrative to start. Maybe we could borrow Dave Taylor's idea of a painter's lounge.

Oh, yeah about that model. I just wanted to play around with the hairspray technique for chipping. This is not part of any particular army, but rather a way for me to experiment. Originally it was slated to become a piece of no-mans-land terrain for my DKoK.  I am rather taken by the leaking oil effects though.

I hope everyone had a blast at NOVA. You will be seeing me next year.

I added some photos in better light. I am really happy with the spilled oil around the oil caps on the back of the centaur. In better light it should be easier to tell this is in Death Guard colors.