Sunday, March 17, 2013

Following A Tutorial

I've read loads of tutorial's online, but rarely have I seen posts where someone tries a tutorial and posts the results. Tutorial's are difficult to write, and often have little real world feedback from people trying them.

For a while I've been following a commission painter on youtube named Buypainted. This morning I decided to try out his 7 minutes basing tutorial. You can watch the video here.  His tutorial was easy to follow, and I think the results are quite good. I think the entire basing for 5 bases took about half an hour (with the aid of a hair dryer). Kudos to Buypainted!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

OOP Forgeworld Lightning

The new Imperial Lightning is pretty cool, but I love the original, and after a slow morning recovering from travel back from London, I decided to dust off (seriously, I had to dust it!) the model and finish up the areas that were unpainted. Despite being painted over the course of many years, I am really satisfied with the model. So why can't I bring myself to ever finish it?   Anyone else like the old IL over the new one?

Ultramarines Stormraven next?

*EDIT misspelled lightning!  Kudos to Somewhatdamaged. :)

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Old School Vindicator

I haven't been painting new models recently, but finishing models that were partially completed many months ago. The down side is that my refurbished original Ultramarine tanks do not benefit from my newish painting style. That might bother some, but for the first time in a long time, I simply don't care. I am painting these guys for fun, so if they are a little out of sorts from the new scheme one word comes to mind.


As in meh, don't care.

As in meh, what is a little variance anyway.

As in meh.........drat I do care...I see mold lines.....

I am not going to repaint these guys, but I am going to have fun with oil washes and rain streaks. I might even add all that stowage I started making.

Now back to the bat cave so I can go to work jet lagged by 5 hours.