Sunday, October 25, 2009

IG saw their first action

I pulled my guard and tanks out of their display cases this morning, and hit the local GW store and play an honest to god game of 40k. That punisher that I had built because it looked cool turned into the MVP of the game. Everyone told me how terrible it was as a tank, but it was fun to roll that many dice, and the tank acted like a fire magnet. I am tempted to give it some painted on victory art, or a purity seal or something. Using a screen of 5 rough riders was also pretty useful. They ran in a straight line in front of my tanks providing a meat shield/cc counter.

We played a ruined city game, my mechanized guard against a raider dark eldar force. My tanks just pounded the dark eldar, dropping their vehicles and pinning them with barrage hits. My opponent was trying out his new DE ebay purchase, and I think he was not playing with all of his models yet. I lost only a single guardsman to a mishap jumping from a valk which arrived turn 5. My primaris psyker was able to drop one of the armored DE gunships with his mind, which opened him up to me as a useful unit.

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