Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Making Cracked Cement Bases

I've had a bunch of nearly finished miniatures awaiting bases for quite some time. Today I decided it was time to take care of that. To create these, I started with thin sheets of cast dental plaster. Using pliers and clippers I broke up the plaster in order to create these designs. I then used the debris from breaking them up mixed with anti-skid sand additive to fill in the holes. I think I have enough designs for an entire army now. Once these are dry, I'll clean them up and prep them for casting. My goal is to have an easy to use set of mould that I can break out and cast whenever I need them.

So, did I miss any base sizes? I think I got them all, but you never know with this strange new Games-Workshop.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Space Marine Centurions Completed (minus bases)

These guys are now complete awaiting bases. I like how they turned out. These were painted really quickly, but I think they fit in really well with the Primaris. The bulk certainly helps.

In terms of basing, I've been pouring plaster and adding pigments to get it colored just right. I'm going for dark concrete. I'm still tempted to try the reddish mud bases I used on my Death Guard.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Space Marine Centurions WIP

This kit has languished on my shelf for maybe 4 years. I realize this is kind of embarrassing, but at last it has made its way to the hobby table. When these came out I hated the design, which is why they sat dejected on the shelf for so long. However, after building them, I've really warmed up to it. I think the under-armor eco-skeleton details are really cool. It is a shame I covered most of that up with the heavy front plating.

One of the things that became clear when building these, is that GW plastics have gone through a revolution in quality several times since these came out. I don't think this moulds would pass muster today at GW. There are loads of soft features on these models, that make them less fun to paint than the newest crisp-edged plastics. They are still cool though, and look right at home next to the giant Primaris.

So what is next? Gold. I have to paint the gold on the models, the purity seals, and then add glow for the grav-cannon. After that I might pause and consider basing a bunch of this stuff. It might be time to get these guys playable.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Hunter or Stalker Completed

It is interesting that by adding the old Ultramarines blue to my mix, that somehow the model appears more cartoony to me. I won't do that again, but I do find the cell shaded look kind of cool. So with this guy completed, and headed for my Primaris shelf, I', beginning to think that I need to paint up a Land Raider. I really like them, and I don't have one completed in this style.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Hunter or Stalker WIP for Primaris Ultramarines WIP 1

I tried using Ultramarines blue rather than Calth blue from the new range and am not happy with the hue. Calth is less red. Fortunately this tank will be heavily weathered. Once it has dark browns and rust streaks on it, I think it will fit in. It bewilders me that I still can't replicate the blue color on the Primaris marines painted before the NOVA Open last year.

I don't know when this tank came out, but I remember buying it on release. That must have been 2-3 years ago. At least if finally has paint on it!

Monday, January 15, 2018

Primaris Hellblasters

More Primaris progress. I now have quite a bit of the new Primaris stuff painted. The temptation is to paint something else now, maybe something from the last Space Marines release that has been gathering dust. It is kind of embarrassing to have stuff unopened from releases years ago, but was the norm for me. The new model is to paint stuff up as I buy it. It can't go directly into long term storage. So what should I paint next?

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Ultramarines Primaris Inceptor Squad

I really like these new Inceptor models. I think GW hit it out of the park with these designs. My only fault is the connection between the transparent pieces and the model. I think a ball joint would have made it easier to attach these model to the bases. It would also allow for a limited amount of motion before gluing. As it is, the stands have been very difficult to keep attached. That said, I'd like to pick up more of these transparent stands for my old assault marines. I think that would make them stand out really nicely.

BTW these are not complete, just attached to bases so I can more easily highlight the gold!

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Primaris Redemptor

With a few more details added, this guy is ready to sit in the cabinet awaiting full army basing. Once the bases have been determined, then the appropriate dirt and other pigments can be added.

One of the new things on this model is OSL. I almost never try OSL. I think it worked ok here. I don't love it, but don't hate it either. On the other hand, it was pretty easy. The problem I experienced was not having a good white paint. Once it started chalking up I knew I had to just stop.

Primaris Redemptor WIP

I'm making some progress on the new dreadnought. From some angles I really like the new design, but from others, he just looks top heavy. Like all of my new Ultramarines, this dread was painted to look like it had been through hell. I stiff have rust to add to the exposed metal parts, and dirt to add, but I think this is starting to look as realistic as a giant blue walking robot can.