Sunday, December 31, 2017

Myphitic Blight-Hauler WIP

I want to end the year by finishing my Death Guard army, which means I need to finish painting the easy build Blight Hauler, 10 more zombies, and the old metal Typhus. I'm painting very loosely and enjoying every bit of it. There is a good chance I'll get this all done. The weathering powders need to moved around , and things like eye lenses need to be painted, but I am so close.

God this thing is ugly!

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Epic 30k Table

We got in a little learning game of epic 30k last week, and despite lots of rules questions, I am sold on the game. Epic 40k has an almost Bolt Action feel to it, which I really like. The ability for units to go on overwatch really changes how involving a game can be. Suddenly fire lanes matter, and properly positioning forces requires skill. Sure, it can be played fast and loose, without relying on supporting elements, but I suspect players who play that way will quickly grow frustrated at the lack of momentum they are able to maintain with their forces.

This is a good game.

Terrain-wise, I think thing the quality of the mechanics and miniatures is going to dictate that a new table be constructed. I might start with this existing table as a base, and just clear of the stinky resin pools. Alternately, this table could go to the table graveyard that is my storage unit, and wait for the day when we can have two or more epic tables in play at the same time.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Quick & Dirty Epic 30K Terrain

I have an epic 30k game coming up this Tuesday, so I figured I could use some family down time while everyone is out being cheerful, and upgrade my post apocalyptic city ruins. I've added several types of weathering powders, and static grass. Hopefully when this all dries it will look a little more consistent. The little buildings came out vastly darker than I expected, but I think it will work on the table.

I hope everyone is having a relaxing holiday.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Chaos Space Marines on Ebay

I've gone all in on my Death Guard, so this force has to go to make room. I learned to cast custom resin bases on this little army, as well as rudimentary color theory. Hopefully this little warband will find a new home, preferably one with a lot of cultists to back it up.  These photos are better than some of the ones I took when I first created the army, so this will be the last look at these guys.

I feel a little awkward hawking my wares here, but here goes anyway.


Thursday, December 14, 2017

Beginnings of an Epic 30k Table

With our first Net Epic Gold 30k game coming up, we needed a table. Instead of repurposing an existing table, I decided to make a whole set of terrain that we could futz with until we figured out how terrain works. I think this is an ok table, but not what I wanted. While the ruined church reads well, the rest of the city blocks look terrible to me. I may have to crush up the bases and glue them directly to the board before I move onto water effects for the holding ponds, and scatter debris. Anyone have suggestions for how to fix this terrain? I love building terrain, but on this table I'm struggling a bit. It might be the huge time constraints, but I think I just got over zealous with making portable city blocks. 

Friday, December 8, 2017

Tiny Titan

Like many, I'm waiting for Adeptus Titanicus to be re-released. The teaser rules, and shots of the 10mm titans have been drool inducing. However, the game seems held up. Since we are playing epic now, I needed a warlord titan equivalent for my force. With none available, I decided to print one. It would be a good test of low cost 3D printing. Over the course of a week it slowly printed out the parts to contract this model. The quality is poor, but the model is still quite evocative. I really hope GW releases a similarly styled titan.

Before anyone asks, this guy is not commercially available or for sale. (I do have a lot of Blood Angels on ebay though) Once AT is re-released, I'm going to pick up the new titans and replace him.  At that point this model will be turned into terrain.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Selling Old Armies on eBay

I have many iterations of my Blood Angels army. It is time to get rid of one of them. I've listed my first Blood Angels army for sale. I wasn't sure if I should individually list the units, or sell it as one single lot, so I decided to list them individually. If you want anything in particular please let me know. These models are old, but they still have a certain amount of charm. I especially like my death company jump packs. Those were fun to make. If you have any advice or tips please let me know. I have very little ebay selling experience. Maybe I should toss my Mint-crons and tau on it as well.

ebay link