Friday, October 16, 2009

Last Blood Angel Honor Guard

I've finally finished painting the last major portion of my Blood Angels Honor Guard squad. It has taken a year, probably because I never played large enough games to field these guys, and probably because my initial dry brushing was done poorly. A bad start can easily end a project for me. This last mini was a pain to paint. The casting was pretty bad, and apparently a year ago I did not believe in trimming flash or filing off poorly cast details on the model. However I am pretty happy how the squad turned out. They are not my best minis, but the look good together and are pretty interesting models. Now......... the horrible bit...... These guys have weird scenic basing as part of them. Since my blood angels are all on flat desert bases, I need to fit these guys in somehow. I am now behind on my basing for about a dozen models, so I need to buckle down and take care of things.


  1. I don't really know what to say other than 'awesome'. :)

  2. Great model, great paint job! What colours did you use on the power sword? Base wise: most of those models have rock bases, and this guy with the metal pipes you could always green stuff over to look like a larger rock pile. Then it would probably be an easy job to paint them a similar colour to your bases so they still tie in?

  3. love the metallic gold on these, mind sharing your formula? looks different than the method you used to paint the sanguinary guard.