Saturday, June 8, 2019

Horsa Glider WIP For Pegasus Bridge Game

This is terrain. Hugely annoying terrain to build. I think game day payoff will make it worth while. The bridge is built, and is an impressive kit by itself. Cafe Gondree has been 3D printed. The British airborne just lack bases. I should probably finish this piece before moving on, but I think the buildings need to be painted next. That will provide a sort of rough in for the table.

Do I need to paint the remaining two gliders? From where I'm standing, one seems like more than enough. This mode kit is 40 plus years old. It did not benefit from computer aided design. That said, it is a fairly nice kit if you are into scale model building. (which you shouldn't be, because it is hell)

Back to the board. The actual table is going to require a lot of water effects. Clear resin smells. I dread that part, but weirdly look forward to it. I love the look of nicely done water. I figure a gallon of resin is enough.

So happy D-Day +2