Tuesday, May 28, 2019

More Imperial Guard

These are nearly done, but I ran out of gas and have a let these sit on my desk for more than a week. This happens from time to time. I start a model and enjoy whatever phase of model making I get to, and then I stop working on it. I have resolved to finish these guys today though. The Chimera is closer to completion than the sentinel, but I think I can knock these out in around an hour of painting and maybe another hour of weathering. My not-an-army army of Cadians now has DKoK markings. I figured as a remnant force they'd be attached to a bigger regiment as replacements. 

Thursday, May 9, 2019

DKoK Quartermaster WIP

I've had these models sitting in their little Forgeworld baggie for years. Now or never!

The first step was laying down all of the base colors. I've added some shading, but realized that I missed a lot of little details. These guys are really small. Even smaller than in the photos, so they are eye strain inducing! That said, I love the little diorama that these guys produce. The guardsman pleading before the quartermaster to avoid summary execution. I have no idea what this squad does in game. Anyone know what they do in this edition?