Monday, February 9, 2015

Macharius Heavy Tank

Some days you just have to paint a one off. The model had been languishing in my display cabinet for quite some time. Rust streaks and grime have not been applied yet, but those are coming. The Macharius is one of my favorite models so it is nice having it finally presentable.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sons of Horus Razorback

For the past couple of years I've taken part in charity army painting projects. Every year I struggle with my light box. So this time around I think I am going to use a new LED setup. One of the boxes waiting for me when I returned from vacation was a little LED light box from South Korea (Foldio Studio). These are the first test shots. The photos above were taken with both LED strips turned on. I know the LEDS are a bit bright, but I liked how it exposed every bit of color modulation. 

Now, I know the razorback turret is not 30k, but I wanted to be able to use my Sons of Horus in regular games of 40k using the space marine codex. I like the idea of thinking of them existing the warp after some compliance action and finding themselves in the 40k timeline.