Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Three Weeks Till NOVA Open Must Paint Faster!

With only three weeks till the NOVA open, and my Krieg only halfway done, I might have to investigate some backup options. I need a least a week to prep my painting entries. That means I really only only two weeks to finish these vehicles and move onto the Death Riders. All 30 Death Riders. What on earth have I gotten myself into!

So, I have a very packed three weeks. What do you have to compete before the NOVA Open if you are going? Have you donated to the NOVA Open Charitable Foundation army raffle? If not, then that is an excellent way to spend three weeks. We've managed to raise over $60,000 for Doctors Without Borders. I would really like to see us have the best year we've ever had.

To purchase tickets you can visit the NOCF site here:

To see more of these great armies, check out the NOCF blog here:


  1. I can't believe how quickly this is coming together. Keep it up!

  2. SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK! You can do this man. Also, diapers are a real time saver...

  3. My goodness man...I still have to come up with a painting entry too. Why oh why did I pick two tournaments which have 2k and 1k lists...i basically had to paint up a whole new army...of course you make that look easy john :)

    1. This might look easy, but I assure you it is not. This has been the biggest painting grind of my life. I love the results I am getting, but this is my last meg-push. Gradual accumulation is the name of the game going forward.

    2. It's hard to keep up the pace, that's for sure. You start getting burned out a bit. I keep jumping projects between the walkers, characters, display board to try and keep things moving along...but nothing every gets checked off that way...just another step in the process!

      Really really really want to get the yellows on the walkers before Nova. They might be lacking in their details, but at least they'll be popping!