Thursday, August 27, 2015

Ferdinand Color Modulation And NOVA Speed Painting Competition

This year at the NOVA Open, there is a speed painting event where the goal is quality. Instead of painting blind folded, or while balancing on one toe, or with a house painters brush, this competition provides real hobby tools, and is aimed at producing great models. It is also sort of a public demonstration, which means you can watch all of the competitors paint. If you'd like to come and chat with me while I furiously attempt to paint a tank in 2 1/2 hours, please do so. I may be a little distracted due to the time constraints, but if you've ever wondered how I work, you'll be able to see it first hand. If you are competing as well, come watch. It might give you ideas for when your round comes up.

Now that that is out of the way, what are you looking at here? This is one of the coolest tanks of ww2 a Ferdinand. This tank was build on surplus Porsche Tiger chassis which ended up not being used. These things were enormous, and bizarrely lacked any anti-infantry weapon systems. After Kursk they were pulled back and refitted with machine guns, vastly improving the survivability of the crew. When they were not busy catching themselves on fire or otherwise breaking down, these were delivering long range pain. If you were a tank, and a Ferdinand had you in its sights, you were dead. This is an actual tank as delivered to the front. Later in its career it gained light green spots. This depiction of it is probably a too dinged up for the pre-spots incarnation, but I liked how it was coming along and stopped at this stage.

The first shots in the series show the pre-shading prior to details and weathering.  The model is meant to be looked at from the front, which allows the high lights to draw the viewer in. The weathering was accomplished with Mig brown oil wash, SWM weathering powders, and a pencil.

Nova Open speed painting competition Thursday 3rd from 3:00-5:30


  1. I will try to see if I can sneak in to watch you paint between my trios rounds John! I love watching artists work, you learn SO MUCH in so little time!

    Tank looks fantastic as always. The effective range on that gun has to be borderline ridiculous.

  2. Superb painting !!! I love it. Please, can you give a numbers of TAMIYA paintings you used to paint this tank?

    1. Thank you! Tamiya xf-49 and xf-60 followed by a mix of xf-55 / xf-60 for the bright highlights on the face of the tank.