Friday, August 21, 2015

Death Korps Aegis Defense Line And Camouflage Tutorial


In building my list for the NOVA Narrative event, I've wavered quite a bit as painting dragged on and on. However, just as I was finishing the last model I need for the 2k list, I decided to change it up. After all, what kind of artillery regiment does not have anti-air, or hard cover. So I dropped a commissar, and added an Aegis defense line and quad gun. The quad gun painted up spectacularly, almost surprisingly so. I was not expecting much from the model. I think the walls came out ok. I wanted them to look realistic. I also wanted to treat them like models, rather than scenery, which is usually painted at a lower standard. The level of detail is a little iffy on the walls, so I got out my hobby knife and added all kinds of battle/transport damage to them. Then I stood back and admired them. Something was wrong. If my Krieg had enough time to put up walls, they certainly should have also put up camouflage netting. So out came GW's Model Masterclass book. Fortunately there was a nice description of how to make this camouflage in the book. Here is my take.

Step 0
Cover model with plastic cling wrap.
Step 1
soak medical gauze in a 50/50 mixture of white glue and water
Step 2
letting the plastic wrap protect the model, lay the netting out so it conforms to the shape.
Step 3
cut out strips of tape and stick them all over the netting
Step 4
prime black, and paint as desired
Step 5
wish I had used a stickier tape


  1. Man, that looks fantastic! I especially like how much it Kriegs up the ADL.

  2. Does the gauze stay in shape once the glue sets?

  3. So fantastic John! Can't wait to see this!