Saturday, April 19, 2014

Two Paint Tests

My Imperil Guard vehicles are in for a repaint, along with assignment to my DKoK army. So with that I present two paint tests. The LR grey scheme is from FW, though updated to work with the new paint range. The second yellow and green scheme is vaguely WW2. I tried a combination of paint chipping techniques on these two models, actual chipping, sponge weathering, and brush painted. I have become a fan of the brush plus sponge method.


  1. I really like the weathering work on these. They are fantastic. Do you have a particular type of technique you use, or do you just do a metal color with the sponge/brush as a final stage?

    1. At the moment I am trying out a lot of different techniques. In the past I relied on the sponge method. On the LR I used a brush to paint on chips, as well as the sponge to add smaller chips. The white strip was distressed with white spirits. Once wet, I let the whit spirits do their work and damage the paint. Using a paint brush I scrubbed away the white.

  2. Love the LR Grey scheme, but as a Relictor player, I do love grey!