Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Reposing Imperial Knight Legs

After endless amounts of cutting and bending, I have a set of Imperial Knight legs in a unique pose. My intent was to use a current edition rhino instead of a 20+ year old model, but I could not get the range of movement I needed out of the knight. With all of their cad work, I had expected the knight to be re-posable with minimal effort. I was wrong!

I may try to embed a current edition rhino into the display base a bit to get the extra height I need. Alternately, I could fix up this old rhino, adding enough detail that it looks good again. Any suggestions?


  1. Looking good - I started cutting and reposing the knight legs and am right there with ya, every single joint and angle requires a ton of work. Oof!

    Great work on the ankle repose, that's still giving me fits. Definitely going to be taking inspiration from how you've done yours!

  2. I like the rhino, but i think it would be too damn big for the base and would only distract.... unless you could get a cheapo on ebay and do it as a burnt out husk?

  3. can you point out where alterations have been made?

    1. The left knee was separated from the leg. Most of the pistons had their lower sections cut off and replaced with longer/shorter rods as necessary. On the back of the legs, one of the two dangling tubing pieces needed to be replaced with a longer white metal replacement. The pistons at the hips were cut to fit. The left leg one does not really fit since it is off the tracks. The ball joint at the foot of both legs was removed and replaced with green stuff.

      I should probably just take photos and highlight the changes that way!