Sunday, April 20, 2014

LR Turret Painted Panzer-Style

*EDIT added some powders to see how the turret would look.

I've been playing around with painting GW tanks in the style of german vehicles for a while, so this morning before my spouse enforced jog, I grabbed an old IG tank and spare turret and painted up the two paint tests you see here. One of the problems I am having with cammo, is that it is designed to break up the outline of the tank. With model painting, that is the last thing I want. The goal is to highlight all of the detail. The green and yellow sand colored turret was my experiment trying o minimized the effect of the cammo so the tank stayed interesting. I imagine brown weathering powder would look good around the hatch. I'm not sold on the scheme, but I do like the yellow sand base color which I played with on the chassis and vanquisher turret. I made a conscious choice to not paint chip the second test, just to see what it would look like prior to weathering. I haven't had the opportunity to use sand colored weathering powders yet, so the tracks on this guy will be interesting. Paint chipping will eventually be applied with a black/brown color along with desert yellow streaking grime. It is al title monotone, but I think it looks better than the green and yellow turret.


  1. I love these LR Panzers! How did you manage to do that awesome looking camo?

    1. I used Vallejo model air paints. Color modulation using sand yellow with dark yellow as the base. Panzer olive green is sprayed in patches with the airbrush set to a low pressure. Paint chipping is done using german c. black brown with a pure sand yellow highlight. AK washes and oils are used for the pin lining and streaking.