Thursday, April 3, 2014

Imperial Knight Legs Re-Posed to Crush Emperor's Children Contemptor

After some good advice over on the 30k forums, I decided to go with this pose. The dying Emperor's Children dreadnought tells more of a story than a knight posing with one leg on top of a rhino. The bonus is that since I had already built the dread as scenery for my storm eagle, not much additional work needs to be done.  In terms of structural support, the dread and the leg connect, so this should be pretty strong.


  1. I think that is a big improvement on the Rhino set up, looks a far more convincing pose I think.

    Looking forward to seeing it come together.

  2. Yep, better than the rhino. Hey John. I'm helping out the Macragge Army this year. I'm doing up Telion and 2 squads of scouts is there a forum or email or something I should be looking for that speaks to colors and basing?

    Neil Szabo

    1. Neil,

      Great to have you aboard! I think you are going to have a lot of fun working with us on the NOVA army.

      On to specifics, I don't know about the basing, I think Justin is taking care of that. I can't wait to learn his recipes for the snow bases. Dave asked me to come up with a painting guide, so that is underway. I assumed most of the crew was focussed on adepticon so I thought I had a little time to get it together.

      Laurie can get you on the email list. You can reach me at john dot stiening at gmail dot com as well. I am going to do a whole series of posts on painting the blue armor, and then the techniques. If I use a technique that you have not used before. I

      The slightly complicated version of painting is: (I think the list was a bit much for an intro!)
      index cards,poster tac, and tamiya tape for masking
      Tamiya X-20A Thinner
      Air brush
      Aberlour a’bunadh
      one drop of water

      White Checks, Lines, Veteran helmets:
      Fortress Grey (dark)
      Ulthuan Grey (light)
      Space Marine Blue (air brush)
      Chaos Black (base coat)
      50/50 Black/Kantor Blue (darkest blue on the model)
      Kantor Blue
      Maccrage Blue (this is optional depending on how large the area being painted is. )
      Calgar Blue (Just the top edges)
      Calgar Blue + Space Wolves Grey (near focal points only and edging)
      Gold Trim (brush)
      Vallejo Model Air Gold
      Vallejo Model Air Silver (edges)
      Edge Washes (brush)
      Lahamian Medium + Badab Black
      Vehicles (this is really a pin wash)
      Gloss varnish
      AK-Interactive Dark Brown Enamel Wash
      White Spirit (clean up wash)
      AK-Interactive Streaking Grime on a few prominent armor plates
      White Spirit to pull the wash down and produce nice streaks
      Steel Legion drab diluted with thinner sprayed up feet

      Sponge on chardon granite lightly
      Spong on boltgun metal lightly
      alternately if paint has not fully set, using a toothpick scratch up the edges. If too much paint is removed dapple in a little rust pigment and then use the area as a starting point for streaking grime.
      AK-Interactive Streaking Grime pulled down vehicle edges
      AK-dark pigment used on metal bits and treads (thank you Marc!)
      Secret Weapon Green Earth (remember that monster order of pigments Justin!) used on tracks
      Rust is jokero orange mixed with thinner and placed where needed. Alternately I use various SWM rust colors (there are a couple on my shelf—I never look at their names. The orangey one and the darker red one.)
      Steel Legion Drab used to dust the model’s lower half
      Vehicle Interiors
      Vallejo Model Air Middlestone (base)
      Vallejo Model Air Grey RLM 84 (ugly military vehicle interior color)
      AK-Dark Brown oil wash
      hazard stripe decals
      sponge on Grey RLM 84 as chipping over the hazard stripes