Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Lehman Russ Panzer Pt 2 With Color Modulation

When I first painted the sand colored LR and the turret with the green camo, my wife immediately liked the green. I was on the fence, but such a strong reaction led me to a paint test. The completed LR battle tank above is the result of that. Funny enough, when my wife saw the completed tank she immediately disliked it. We both got a good laugh out of it!

So despite one vote against it, I like the green scheme, but it might be the only tank that gets it. I just enjoy weathering the cleaner sand colored tanks more.

The LR punisher above is an example of the first stage for any vehicle attached to my DKoK force. That tank is a salvage vehicle from a previous color scheme, which is why you see some other colors peeking through. Even at this stage of painting, the tank looks really interesting. That is due to two things. The first is color modulation. Dark Yellow was used as the base coat followed by light sand which was applied as to produce a gradient between panels. This produced the color modulation that you see.  After that an oil pin wash finished up this stage of painting, bringing out all of the detail, and highlighting those gradient shifts.

So what to do now? Do I paint one of these guys up in a sand/grey paint schem? If anyone has reference images of sand + grey vehicles, I'd love to see them.


  1. I quite like the first tank with the green. The only problem is the green camo lines look like squiggly airbrush lines. I'd stick with that scheme but do the camo lines better. Make them run off the edges. Right now they curve back instead of running off, which makes them look weird. Also do less of them and it'll so sweet.

    1. I'm with Tim, here, but mate - what a beautiful looking model!


    Look forward to seeing your version; great work so far.

  3. Those are astounding. Thank you for sharing!

  4. I like very much both of them.

    I think the green camouflage may work if you use bigger and irregular dots instead.