Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Imperial Knight Warlord Stepping on EC Dreadnought

The final Knight in my Knight force is complete (minus glass, smoke, and oil effects) Ok, so the knight is not compete. However it is far enough along that I am going to stick it on the shelf with the other knights for a bit, and get my workspace cleaned up for my next project.

The NOVA Open Charity Foundation is having a bunch of us paint up some armies to be raffled off for various charities. My team, lead by Dave Taylor, is painting up an Ultramarines force that includes a Knight Titan.  Guess who gets to paint the knight titan? Additionally I plan to put up a series of quick little tutorials on how I paint my ultramarines, since I've got some Ultramarines of my own to paint, and it seems like a good time.


  1. That looks aces! Man you do the heat fx on the weapons soooo well :)

  2. beautifully done.

  3. Thanks guys. I was up super early this morning and finally weathered the storm eagle to match. I'll post those shots soon.

    The heat fx on the barrels is super easy, but requires and air brush

    1. spray the gw yellow tint mid way down the barrel
    2. spray the gw purple wash (thinned a bit) of the yellow most of the way down, leaving yellow at the end..
    3. spray thinned black into the purple to produce the carbon scoring.

    All it takes is a little airbrush control! If any of you guys try it post some links here so I can see the results

    1. I just load up with similar inks/ washes and go to town glazing, but that's on the infantry. I will try out the AB method on the next vehicle I tackle for sure!

    2. Aaaaaagh!
      Another Airbrush owner!
      Of course!

  4. That is nuts!!! Beautiful work, my man.

  5. Saw this at NOVA, your pieces there aere fantastic. Ace work.


  6. I see no House of Paincakes logo here...
    Y I see no House of Paincakes logo here?

    We need this site on our blogrolls, pronto!

    Love the Knight, needless to say.

  7. Fantastic work on all your nights, i have been looking everywhere for an answer with no luck. How do you base your knights? I really want to give it a try

  8. Love the knights. Could you please tell us how you painted the exo-skeleton.