Sunday, April 13, 2014

1840 Pt Imperial Knight Force With Lord of War

Three Imperial Knights and one Warhound Titan make up a viable 40k army these days. With no 40k armies to play against, we played a game instead with the knights versus the warhound. This was the first time the warhound or the knights walked. The warhound destroyed one knight, but ended up cornered and in close combat where things went very poorly for tit. Three turns in the warhound exploded. Given that Imperial Guard can field ~15 tanks in an 1850 pt list, i think this knight force would be severely out gunned.  It would still be a fun game to play though.


  1. Take it this was a quick game then? Haha.

  2. First of all: Really nice collection of titans, well painted, and I especially like the colour scheme on the Knights. Got one question: Did you play the Warhound according to the actual mounted weapons (the Megabolter does not seem like the first choice against Knights), or were they proxies for other arms (as ranged destroyer weapons can give a Knight quite the business imhO).

    1. We played them as is. Destroyer weapons would have been better, but I bought the arms I thought looked coolest.