Monday, April 12, 2010

Sanguinary Guard: WIP Metallic

I see all of these non metallic SG posts out there and thought I would do something a little different. I chose to paint mine with metallic paints. I only have around 3 hours of time into these, but I am really enjoying how they are turning out. My recipe is as follows:

  1. base coat white
  2. mix a watery tin bits/shining gold mixture and paint all areas
  3. gryphonne sepia wash
  4. shining gold watered down on larger plates
  5. burnished gold on edges
  6. burnished gold + mithril silver on edges
That's all it has taken so far. I figured I had better document this since, I have two more boxes of these guys coming in!


  1. Looks great to me!
    I find alot of these SG in NNM look drab next to the real metallics.

  2. Those look incredible! As a BA player I am subscribing!

  3. Really nice work.

    The recipe looks nice and simple - next time I need to do a burnshed gold I will pull this out - cheers for sharing.


  4. Amazing work.

    I tried various simple (he, I have 25 to paint, making a Dante+SG army for fun) NNM recipes and wasn't satisfied. Your metallic way looks very interesting, I'll test that ASAP :-)

  5. Amazing work! Sometimes I think we are living in parallel worlds because I am at about the same stage as you on these guys. I have been painting mine over a brown undercoat, with layers and layers of shining gold, yellow and purple washes, highlights with mithril silver and then more washes. It long and complicated but I haven't achieved the great results you have. This is such a simple method and it works better! Man, if only I had waited one more day before starting on mine.

  6. I really like your work on these. The gold metallic looks quite good and convincing.

  7. Hey mate great work just wanna know when u say mix a watery tinbitz/shining gold mixture how watery should i go ?

  8. They look great!, and it also seems pretty easy to achieve this look. Thnx for sharing the steps to painting the armour.

    Would u mind sharing laos how u painted the red parts? (shoulders, seals, cloths)