Sunday, April 11, 2010

Death Company Rhino Gets Its Passengers

Since my GW order is perpetually help up(forgot to split the order), I've had some time to work off some old models. After my first DC marine, I changed my black formula and removed the badab black wash and the fortress grey hard lining from the equation. I think the subtle color shift from the air brush is just enough to make these guys stand out. I've got a little shading left to do on the red, and still have to paint their eyes, but I am comfortable placing them next to the assault squad painted earlier awaiting basing. Shall I mist snakebite leather on their legs so they match the rhino? I know I said I would do it, but now I am hedging.

In other news, I played in a narrative IG versus unlimited Tyranid game this weekend, and captured some video and stills. If the video works I might try to record a painting session. There a plenty of good sites online for tutorials already, but it would give me the change to experiment with my Mac a bit.

Anyone else excited about the big anniversary game at the springfield GW store?

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