Saturday, April 3, 2010

Death Company Rhino With FW Doors

My advance order from GW did not come today, so lacking anything new to paint I started on some original death company miniatures and the Rhino pictured here. I am really not pleased with the top hatch, so it gets replaced tomorrow. I think the right procedureis to lay down the X in red first and then paint the black over it. That way it is much easier to mask off the X rather than try to tape around it.

Other steps for the rhino
  1. paint a new top hatch
  2. paint exhausts and storm bolter
  3. paint chipping using sponge method with bolt gun metal followed by an orange rust wash
  4. add loads of purity seals
  5. put on tracks and layer on rust using rust colored pigments
  6. Dust undercarriage with snakebite to simulate dust.

Since my codex has not arrived, I was not entirely sure how to equip the original death company models. In the end I decided on bolt pistols and chainswords for 6 of them and 1 guy with a BP and a powersword. I treated the minis to the same black/grey air brushing, which gives them a very smooth appearance.

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