Monday, April 26, 2010

Magnetizing my Baals

I painted up two Baal predators to flank the LR and death company Rhino as they all charge into battle. On the off chance I field these guys as rhinos, I had to magnetize the side guns so they can be removed. I used the rare earth magnets that I normally reserve for infantry. You can see the recessed magnets in the old style Baal with the hatches exposed.

Like the LR, these guys will get weathered once the base coats and transfers are done. There is still quit a bit to paint, but the armor is looking pretty good to me. The red tones are a little more muted on these guys since I used a slightly more complex red recipe before I discovered that simply going over the pre-shading with blood red was the way to go.

Notice there are two baals in the photos. I would not want anyone to think that I only paint one Baal at at time.


  1. That's a real nice job!

    Do you just use superglue to attach the magnets? I think I have to try this with my rhino (and I've never done it before), so am interested in the process...

  2. Yes. It whole process only took a few minutes to complete. It helps to have toothpicks or something else non-mettalic on hand to help push the magnets in.