Wednesday, April 28, 2010

BA Tanks: Weathering WIP Step 1 Dust

The first stage of weather is now done for these tanks. I think I was able to match the dust on the death company rhino, but I am not quite sure. I used snakebite a very runny leather/bleached bone air brush concoction along the tracks and skirt. I think my next step may be to sponge on a little bit of battle damage. I was thinking of using a single pass of boltgun metal, but maybe chardon granite would be better, since there would be more contrast with the rich red color. After that I am going to put on some some decals and ash colored weathering powder on the tracks. It think the weathering powder is important because it provides another texture, even though it is very close in color to the dust I air brushed on. I am really proud of these tanks so far, and can't wait to plunk them down on the tabletop. They are wildly different in style than my old tanks though.


  1. cool that was airbrushed??? Looks very very crisp. Was is a very watered down mix?

  2. Yes, I air brushed on the dust, and for the dust used Tamiya X20A paint thinner with the paint.

  3. Could you let us know what ratios (round about) of paints and tinners used? Id love to steal your technique if thats alright :P They look suberb! Id not worry about differing colours/styles on your older tanks, afterall games workshop didnt bother for the blood angels codex!