Sunday, April 25, 2010

BA Land Raider God Hammer

Still missing one track, but I think I am going to take the sage advice from Siph_horridus and build a LR Crusader to go along with this. The crusader will be missing a track underneath the frag grenade launchers, so it won't even be noticed.

I have some work to go on this guy, including finishing painting the storm bolters, headlights, and engine, but I could not resist putting some photos up. I plan to weather this guy like the death company rhino, but I am really enjoying the clean look right now.

I even built a list to go along with these new tanks. The 1500 pt list follows:

  • Librarian
  • Sanguinary Priest
  • Sanguinary Guard (infernus/plas)
  • Assault Squad (x10, no jump, pw,2 meltas)
  • Death Company (x4, pw)
  • Death Company Razorback
  • Assault Squad Land Raider
  • Furioso Dread
  • Furioso drop pod
  • Scout Squad (heavy bolter)
I wish I could get a vindicator into the list!


  1. The airbrushed shading on this tank made for smooth shadows and a very clean, crisp tank. Very nice. Do you have any interest in weathering it up (or down)?

  2. I think I am going to dust the tracks and the lower half of the tank, but I am not sure about paint chips. I really like the 3d paint chips that I see all over the place, but am personally more familiar with the chardon granite/boltgun metal sponge method. I think I need to put the damage on.

  3. Do you do anything else but paint minis man? stunning productivity

    Looks fresh from the the factory. Solid work and yes, you'll need to weather it up a bit.