Thursday, November 12, 2009

Valhallan Part 2

The washes are still drying, but I could not help myself from basing these test minis. I am not sure if I like the sort of painterly look of the previous test mini, or these more muted guys. I am loving the Vallejo paints, though my paint thinner is acting really weird with them. The thinner makes the paints clump together, and might be the reason the first mini looks so gloppy. I normally use the thinner as a way to help dissolve each layer into the next, but it just did not work this time around.


  1. Looking really good, sir. May I ask where you got that breeze block from?

  2. The little concrete block came from a tamayi tank kit that I have been snaggin for basing material for years. I have no idea what the original kit looks like. I have been planning to drill holes into one of those plastic I-beams to simulate the effect since I like it as well