Saturday, November 7, 2009

Testors Dullcote = Massive Frosting

These were supposed to be work in progress shots of my shadowsword. I did not expect them to the the last shots of it. Testors dullcote ruined the thing. The kit is entirely destroyed. I am so mad right now. I was very happy with the progress on this vehicle, and now it looks like total crap.

These posts are pre-washing, pre weathering, pre shading. The dull coat also made the paint crack as it dried, producing a completely cracked look. Just after it happened I grabbed the tank ran to the sink and dumped simple green on it to see if I could clean off the frosting. It seemed to work, but there are now large black spots where all the paint is gone. I think I will just weather the damn thing as if nothing happened as a way to test out techniques. I really had not planned on painting more than one of these, and I had hoped it would be a good center piece for the army. I don't play apocalypse so this was not going to be a gaming piece.

New ONI rating for testors dullcoat: NO AQUILLAS!


  1. Hmm it doesnt look *tooo* bad, sort of drybrushed, I've seen a lot worse! Sukcs that it happened to such an expensive kit :(

  2. Gutted for you mate. Although have to agree, doesn't look that bad. I've heard that glossing it and then matting it work well for dealing with frosting.

    Out of interest, was it damp/humid where you sprayed it?

  3. These are the before pictures. I haven't a photo of it ruined yet.

    It is neither damp nor humid.

  4. That's such a bummer. I'm sorry to see this happen.

    With all the praise Testors Dullcote gets I would have never of thought it could frost up that badly. WOW!

    I bought two cans of the stuff. Haven't used any of it yet, but now I'm second guessing it.