Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Genestealer Step By Step

So a while back I won a painting competition with a genestealer. I have put off writing the step by step until now. Rather than follow my original steps I decided to try the process using only water, white primer, and gw paints. The missing ingredient in this is Tamiya X-20A acrylic paint thinner. The process definitely works better with paint thinner if you have it but it still does ok with water. The key thing with this whole process is very thinned paints, followed by targeted washes.

  1. Prime White
  2. Mix Scorpion Green with a lot of water. It should be soupy and naturally shade the mini. It is best made using a few drops of paint thinner rather than water, but I used water here. Whatever you do, do not use an airbrush for this step. The goal is to not have any even dispersal of paint!
  3. Paint the whole mini except claws.
  4. Wash the full mini with Gryphonne Sepia. The key here is to add a little thinner so the surface tension of the wash is broken. Again I used water here to see what would happen.
  5. Once that was is essentially dry, use washes of Levian purple around the base of each claw. I also added some wash to the face detail on the mini, and a few random spots. The purple is key because it really pulls out the detail. I would not put too much on though.
  6. Dry brush the whole miniature with some light color. I used bleached bone on one of these, and will probably use the deheneb stone foundation paint on a different on. The goal here is to hit the top of the head, the hands, and boney protrusions. Be careful not to add too much.
  7. Paint the tongue red
  8. Make a bleached bone wash and hit the tips of the claws and hooves. Finish this by adding some white to the wash to highlight just the tips.
  9. rinse and repeat. I like to vary the colors just a bit from model to model so the bugs do not look like carbon copies of each other.
These take me almost no time at all to paint. I basically did them interspersed while doing other tasks. A careful approach to the washes will yield better results. Paint thinner really shines when doing work like this, but I know many people do not have it.


  1. Thanks ! Very nice tutorial. It look like simple and fast way to get lots of models done. Will have to try it.

  2. I think a few drops of thinner are crucial if you have some! Breaking the surface tension of the wash gives much better results. I will show a batch done that was as well.

  3. Nice results. For a moment there I thought you had dipped the model into the Scorpion Green soup. :P

  4. When I am done painting tau (maybe by the end of summer?) i have a ton of hormagaunts to paint, this sounds like a pretty awesome way to do it.