Saturday, November 21, 2009

Lord Solar Macharious Complete

I based Solar M. as well as added one more gryphonne sepia wash. I am not sure the reddish was a good idea, but it did tone down the extreme highlighting that I had added. I had a lot of trouble with his cloak. I have been using a lot of vallejo paint and I tried out their ochre brown. My pot of it simply does not cover. It seems like the medium and pigment are slightly separated as well. I'm glad I tacked this old miniature before hitting my next troops choice. I now have so many guard and tanks that they are filling up my display cabinets. Maybe it is time to shift out my original Iron Scythes space marine vehicles. That would buy me another shelf for new work. the problem is that I really like seeing my old work. It gives me proof that my skills are improving. This helps tone down the frustration that sometimes comes when painting just doesn't go right. A badly frosted miniature from today is probably still painted to a higher standard than some of my first work!