Friday, September 11, 2009


A funny thing happens when you are unpacking from a move...... This is weirder so, since I did not even pack up all of my 40k. My wife carefully packed everything up while I was recovering at my parents place She then moved it all into my new office---er 40K room. I found a whole Squat army painted in the original squat colors. Back when I painted these dry brushing was brand new to the hobby, and these were my super detailed minis that accompanied my RT001 beaky marines. I also have most of the original Eldar pirates and the harlequin boxed set! So does anyone one else repaint their miniatures, or do you keep them as reflections of your earlier work. God knows I have more to paint than I ever will. Why go to the trouble of stripping them down?


  1. I am tempted to repaint my older stuff sometimes but time is always an issue.

  2. Do you store your stuff all packed away, or do you have a display case? I think If I saw my armies all put together I might be less inclined to give them green stuff baths. I've got a bunch of squats in exo armor that I am tempted to paint up as tiny blood angels. (droplets) just to take to the store for a game. I have some older armies that show considerable better freehand work. It may be possible to learn from older packed away forgotten minis!

  3. I recently chucked a couple of old models in acetone (hooray for metal miniatures!). All in all I'm still somewhat happy with my painting style from about 15 years ago. Sometimes though, the colours I chose are simply horrendous - mainly because I was influenced by White Dwarf in its Red Period when every model had some of its elements painted red.

    So - most of my old IG fun projects which had rather sombre paint jobs still hold up quite nicely. My old servitors OTOH look like they were painted by a hyperactive easter bunny. I can't wait to repaint them.