Sunday, September 27, 2009

Won GW painting comp for gene stealer

I won a painting competition for best gene stealer at the GW shop today! We had about two dozen models in the competition, which was a very good turn out. The rules for what to paint were a little confusing, though at least this time I did not show up a day late. Two of us made the mistake of thinking that since it was a Space Hulk painting competition that we had to paint space hulk miniatures--this kind of logical thinking has cost us both before. I think I might just pull all the stops on the next painting competition and convert as much as I like. I won a box of gene stealers which were promptly traded away for the winners assault marines. I am very happy that the store is getting more competition, even though the terminator that took ~12 hours to paint lost and the 25 minute gene stealer won. I tried to encourage the older painters to join me in our own painting competition, but I think we would need to arrange it through the store. There was a very nicely painted dead Terminator, Librarian, and the overall winner Typhus.

I guess I need to consider painting the rest of my bugs! I'll post a step by step for the gene stealer so everyone can see how it was done.

Now I should finish the lightning claw Blood Angel for Jawaballs! I changes bases last minute and have had trouble getting my space litter to look right on the new base. (I know bases don't matter for this one, but I enjoy painting them)


  1. A picture of the winning mini would be great! :)

  2. It is the gene stealer crawling down the wall with a dangling ad mech sckull in its claws from two posts ago. I was thinking of speed painting a whole bunch of these for the camera. I will take careful step by step photos so it can be reproduced.

    I am thinking about how I want to paint going forward. What looks good in the store, what looks good to the camera, and what looks good in bright light are all different styles right now. I am struggling to integrate different painting techniques into my army. I think having two painting competitions, one from jawaballs and another from my local store have really pushed my painting out of the comfort zone. This is good, with the added benefit that I now have two terminators painted.