Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Blood Angels White Dwarf Test

I've painted a lot of blood angels, which you can see some of in an earlier post. However for some reason I have a painting block when it comes to the new Space Hulk Terminators. The miniatures are so nice that I am nervous about painting them. I tried inks in a previous post and decided to give Anya's painting method as described in White Dwarf 356 a try. I am not sold on it. Granted I did not spend a dozen hours working on my test marine, but even with thinning I get too much paint build up. I gave the mini two washes of baal red. The first one was watered down as the article describes, the second was at full strength.

The crusade style marine is painted using Anya's method. The thunder hammer using my old method.

  1. prime black
  2. dry brush a mix of blood red and mechanite red foundation
  3. highlight with blood red
  4. dry brush blazing orange or just highlight.
  5. wash baal red


  1. I would have to say the Thunder Hammer grabs me more than the Crusade armour - it has more 'pop'.

  2. I plan on giving this methode a try on my Space Hulk models.