Thursday, September 24, 2009

Distraction Painting

I was reading another blog last night and realized that I had never painted an ultra marine. I happened to have a pot of ultra blue, a partially completed Angel's Tempest marine, and an hour to kill. So here he is, my first ultra. My normal method of painting is simple layering followed by really controlled dry brushing. Since Space Hulk came out I have been trying to use layering alone. I am not convinced the technique works for me, however I have not painted enough to really have learned it yet, so you expect more random chapters painted using techniques new to me.


  1. Its a good idea. I get bored of all my Grey Relictors so I have some Red and Brown Guard to add variety. I will eventually do a marine from most chapters too.

  2. I think he looks really good. It's always good to expand on painting techniques.

  3. You got it very cool!
    When I'll have some time I have to try it too. I have to try a Blood Angel too (for my Space Hulk box). It will change from my black Iron Hands.