Friday, September 25, 2009

Space Hulk Terminator

So I tried a white primer followed by a wash of black as my base coat on this miniature. I think there really is something to using grey primer. I read on another blog about it and had to give it a try, and the results surprised me. It was far easier to paint light and dark colors, so I did not have to make the devils bargain that comes with either black or white primer. I think I may use two washed on the next miniature in order to ensure all of the recesses are evenly covered.

I also discovered how how it is to pain gems. I could not even see the purple I was painting, when it was over a black or red under coat.

I have some touch up work to do on this mini, and then I will post a step by step for my gene stealer color scheme. It takes about 15 minutes to paint a gene stealer this way, and I am really happy with the way they turn out.


  1. He looks fantastic. I may have to try gray primer.

  2. You can simulate grey primer by using white and then a few badab black washes. It certainly is easier to work with than black primer or white primer alone. To me this is as important as when I learned about thinning paints!