Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sanguinary Priest Honor Guard

I am making progress. I have completed the champion, and have only detailing to do on the sanguinary priest. I tried two different techniques creating the power swords, and am not sure which one I like more. The champion has a gradual build of of lighting like lines, while the priest has wet blending verging on dry brushing. I feel like power weapons are things that I have copped out on when painting in the past, so hopefully these make the grade.

I decided to grab the banner guard and do a little bit of updating on him as well. I tried to smooth out the blending on his armor, as well as clean up the tabard. I am not thrilled with him, but I think I will finish his 4 companions before I decide what to do next.

I have been thinking about putting green tyrannid bits and iconography on the Blood Angles, sort of like the Ultras. If 950 of their battle brothers were wiped out on a Space Hulk, they might be out for revenge.


  1. I like the sword without lightning best, clean and good looking.
    Nice models and painting drathmere!
    a question, where can i find anjas technuiqe?

  2. I'm the opposite - the Champions sword looks fantastic - definately has more pop than the other one.

  3. Love 'em, absolutely love 'em. Keep them coming.