Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Blood Angels Terminator AOBR Kit Bash

This is the terminator I have been practicing on for a while. I had some badly primed lightning claws and forge world shoulder pads, so I thought I should give it a go. Besides, I am one step closer to having two legal squads when I add him to the Space Hulk set.

With the exception of the arms, I have tried to keep the paint very smooth. Overall, I think it is an interesting technique. It takes hours longer than just dry brushing. The next terminator will have a darker initial wash, so there is greater tonal variety. I still have a bit left to paint on this guy. I need to add his heraldry to his yellow knee pad (probably something blue), as well as the lightening claw wires.

So what you do think about adding battle damage? I was thinking of adding damage to the black lighting claw casings, as well as some parts of his armor. I was thinking of doing this with a dark grey/brown shadow and bolt gun metal. Any thoughts?

I know there are plenty of tutorials on how to take photos of minis. I use natural light when I can, but it is gloomy here in DC, so I flash is the best I've got. I did buy some poster board to try and make a light box following one of the tutorials I found on the B&C, but that can wait till another day. I've got stuff to paint.


  1. Looking very good. I really like your red and the colour combination on the claws.

    Personally, I never do battle damage because A:unless you can do it well it just looks bad and B: You then generally have to carry the scheme over the whole squad, if not the whole army.

  2. I think he looks good.
    Battle damage is personal prefernce, but it does add more time to the completed mini.

  3. Looks awesome, gotta love the lightning claws. Your Crux Terminus is a great stone effect, how d'you do it.